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Customer Support
InBus specializes in supporting Intel products. Our knowledge of retired Intel products ensures that you receive the right product revisions for your applications. Our experienced technical staff will help you choose the right system upgrade. Using Intel's technical specifications, we can also custom configure your product.

Through our manufacturing operations, inventory maintenance, and expertise in the Intel product line, InBus has achieved a level of support found nowhere else in the industry.

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InBus CopyExact™ Manufacturing
For customers needs that cannot be met through existing inventory, we have established our CopyExact™ manufacturing operations. Under license from Intel, we manufacture end-of-life Intel boards and systems to their original specifications. We hold license agreements on the entire retired Intel (ESG) server family and many (OPSD) desktop products.

Repair and Replacement
In addition to providing motherboards and systems, InBus repairs and replaces older Intel product lines such as Intel In-circuit emulators (ICE), multibus, and development systems. Advanced replacement and repair is available for critical parts.

Disk Transfers
We will transfer data from ISIS II, ISIS III, MDS-800, NDX, RMX 86, 286, 386 and PDS formats to IBM-PC 3" floppies.

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