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InBus Engineering, Inc., Livermore, California.

Founded in 1988, InBus Engineering is the worlds largest supplier of end-of-life Intel motherboards, systems and assemblies. Our goal is to provide a single source solution for EOL Intel product transitions and a reliable, long term supply of spare and replacement motherboards, systems and assemblies for the OEM and distribution markets. We have already supplied these markets with over one and a half million end-of-life (EOL) Intel motherboards, systems and assemblies.

Our unique and comprehensive inventory includes over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space and includes Intel assemblies manufactured from 1975 to the present. This expansive inventory allows us to provide immediate turnaround for our customer's urgent requirements.

For customer's with needs that cannot be met through existing inventory, we have established our "CopyExact" ™ manufacturing operations. Under license from Intel Corporation we manufacture EOL Intel motherboards and systems to the original Intel specifications. We have also established International product safety listings for all of the products we manufacture. Our strategic licensing further enhances our ability to provide a reliable and continuous supply of EOL Intel motherboards and systems.

In addition to Intel motherboards and systems, we offer repair and replacement for older Intel product lines such as Intel In-circuit emulators (ICE), Multibus and development systems. We have a state-of-the-art repair facility, with a team of engineers and technicians experienced on all models of Intel ICE, Multibus and development systems. For faster turnaround we offer advance replacement and repair services.

We are continuing in our effort to expand our inventory and manufacturing operations to provide premiere service and availability. Through the first quarter of 1999 we will see the completion of our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as well as continued growth in our sales and service departments.

Through our licensing and manufacturing operations, inventory maintenance and expertise in the Intel product line, we have achieved a level of EOL support not found anywhere else in the industry. Our knowledge of the Intel product line and our commitment to quality products is unmatched. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

For more information on how InBus Engineering, Inc. can help your business and your customers through EOL transitioning please contact our sales department.

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