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InBus Engineering, Inc. would like to assure you that it fully expects to provide continuous uninterrupted service through the Year 2000 and beyond. InBus Engineering, Inc. has examined its internal systems and has not detected any problems in its internal systems that would adversely affect its service to its customers.

InBus Engineering, Inc. receives many Year 2000 inquiries regarding its products or services. If you have a specific question regarding a specific product please contact the InBus Year 2000 Project Coordinator. InBus takes Year 2000 concerns seriously. If InBus can reasonably assist the customer, it will endeavor to do so.

OEM customers fully understand that hardware items do not create Year 2000 problems; software does. All customers should have the same sensitivity and focus on software. In addition to looking at whatever software that came with or is embedded in a product, the customer needs to examine its entire array of software applications, and combinations of software and hardware applications. Depending upon its origin, InBus can try to provide some information on hardware product that it sold. Beyond that the customer must complete its own investigation of the far more serious questions of how hardware and software products run in application.

InBus Engineering, Inc. sells, repairs, or manufactures thousands of different hardware products. InBus focuses on end of life products. Software associated with older design hardware products may have greater Year 2000 sensitivity – as the software is often old as well. Since there is no industry standard for "Year 2000" compliance, general assurances are inappropriate, could be misleading, and perhaps in many instances are impossible.

All InBus Engineering, Inc. products meet the standards of the industry in the year they were designed. The design of some of these products date back as far as 1975. Older designs contain greater risk of Year 2000 problems. There are basically three categories of products: Products made by a manufacturer other than InBus (almost always Intel); products manufactured by InBus under license; and products designed and manufactured by InBus Engineering, Inc.

    1. Intel Corporation ® manufactured or trademarked

      InBus Engineering, Inc. provides replacement parts for Intel boards and systems. InBus Engineering, Inc. also repairs Intel boards and systems. Intel trademarked or manufactured products acquired from InBus will have been manufactured by Intel. Please check
      with Intel Corporation for the current Year 2000 status of these Intel products. The web site will indicate the Year 2000 status of most, if not all, of the Intel manufactured products that InBus Engineering, Inc. has sold. Regarding personal computer and server products, the Customer is particularly urged to examine the BIOS that may be running on the product and to confirm through Intel that the BIOS is capable of transitioning to the year 2000 on the customer’s configuration of hardware and software.
    2. InBus Engineering, Inc. ® manufactured or
      trademarked items – Intel Corporation designs
      At this time all personal computer and server products manufactured under the InBus Engineering, Inc. trademark or a contracting company’s trademark are constructed CopyExact™ in conformity with the original Intel design. These are old designs. In addition some customers order products which, due to such issues as federal regulations, must be produced to exact original specifications even if those specifications may be flawed. If you have questions about your InBus Engineering, Inc. product please contact the Year 2000 Project Coordinator. These products will, however, contain product I.D. numbers that in most if not all instances correspond directly to Intel’s product I.D. number. If you check the Intel website under the Intel product number you may get a quick answer to your inquiry. If the Intel website indicates that there is no problem the InBus product will probably also be free of Year 2000 issues in the form and configuration that it left InBus. If the Intel website recommends a course of action it is normally best to follow that recommendation. But, again, if you have questions please give the InBus Year 2000 Project Coordinator a call.
    3. InBus Engineering, Inc. ® trademarked items – InBus
      Engineering, Inc. designs.

      InBus Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures its own Multibus products under the InBus Engineering, Inc. trademark. InBus Engineering, Inc. trademarked Multibus products contain no real time clock. There is no Year 2000 issue with respect to the product in the form and configuration that it left InBus.

In general the customer should understand that InBus Engineering, Inc. does not design or market software. A Year 2000 problem generally arises only with respect to the software application created for or embedded in a product, or added later. Therefore the customer’s engineering staff must accept full responsibility for verifying the Year 2000 capabilities of a particular product in a particular application. If you have questions, or need a source of help, please contact us.

ANY YEAR 2000 WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE) IS HEREBY NEGATED AND DENIED. InBus Engineering, Inc. does not agree to any Year 2000 warranty whether as part of a purchase order or otherwise. InBus is not insensitive to the concerns of its customers. Please understand that InBus’ principal business is to supply end of life products. These were products designed long before the industry had an awareness of the Year 2000 problem. Consequently any Year 2000 warranty is impractical and impossible. If you recognize your problem InBus can try to help you resolve it; but InBus cannot warrant that the product is free of Year 2000 issues.

If you have any questions or are otherwise in need of further assistance please contact the InBus Year 2000 project coordinator at 925-454-2500 or email to You may also wish to consult this website from time to time for possible information updates.

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