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Intel Multibus I, Multibus II, Motherboards, BitBus and Systems

CopyExact™ Manufacturing
Under license from Intel, InBus manufactures retired Intel PC motherboards and systems to the original Intel specifications.
Find out more on how InBus CopyExact™ manufacturing can help you with your product transition. 

InBus Multibus I, Multibus II, and BitBus Boards  100 percent form, fit and function as the Intel. Using currently available parts for reliability and lower power consumption. 

We purchase Intel inventory
We buy new, used, refurbished and OEM excess Intel Multibus, BitBus, PC and Server motherboard inventories. Fax list to (925) 454-2501.

InBus Engineering, Inc.
InBus Engineering is the world's largest supplier of retired Intel Motherboards and systems. We support the complete array of legacy computing platforms including Multibus I, Multibus II, Bitbus, Desktop PCs and Servers. Incorporated in 1986, InBus is a reliable, long-term, single-source solution provider for the OEM, Distribution and Service markets.

Our knowledge of the Intel product line combined with our exceptional inventory of over 30,000 Multibus I, Multibus II and BitBus boards and over 45,000 PC and Server Motherboards allows us the unique flexibility to meet customer demands.

  • Intel licensing
  • CopyExact™ Manufacturing
  • Advanced Repair and Replacement
  • Replacement Warranty
  • Same Day Service/Next Day Delivery
  • One-year Warranty for Sales and Service
  • Hardware Specific Customer Support. Hands on working knowledge of Intel boards and systems
  • InBus Manufactured Multibus, BitBus and SBX cards
  • Over seventeen years of continued sales and support

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